I have been crafting with yarn and fiber for most of my life. I became a knitter in my teens and later experimented with weaving and needlepoint. I still love to do needlepoint but there are only so many hours in the day, and knitting is at the top of my list—for relaxing, creating, getting in touch with something beautiful at the end of the day. Many of my designs are for sale on this website and also at Ravelry. For help with patterns, email me or visit my pattern support page to find explanations of techniques used in my patterns.

Jane Austen Knits
Elinor's Day Coat, Fall 2012
Trellis & Fins, Issue 104
Triangle Junction, Issue 104
One Skirt 3 Ways, Issue 103
Sonoma, Spring 2011
Textured Bohus, Winter 2011
Ring Please, Summer 2010
Mistake Stitch Coat, Fall 2008
Cinnamon Bark, Winter 2007
Veronica, Fall 2007
Bucket Bag, Spring 2007
Half-circle Bag, Spring 2007
Interweave Knits
Florentine Dress,Summer 2010