Joining crochet bind off

The joining crochet bind-off can be used in place of the three-needle bind-off (wrong side) to join two pieces of knitting with live stitches. If you are comfortable using a crochet hook, you may find this bind-off to be faster and easier to work than the knitted three-needle bind-off. If you use a hook size that is comparable to your needle size, you will have a looser bindoff. The Susan Bates Knit-Chek has hook sizes listed opposite the needle size.

To start, hold the two pieces of knitting together with a matching number of stitches on each needle.

1. Put hook through first stitch on front needle.
2. Put hook through first stitch on back needle.
3. Wrap yarn around hook and pull through both stitches. Drop stitches from needles.

Repeat steps 1-3 but in step 3, pull yarn through both stitches AND loop on hook.